TRIAXYS Wave Buoys now available with dual primary telemetry

February 23, 2011

Sidney, BC Canada

AXYS Technologies Inc. (AXYS) now offers a dual primary telemetry option when ordering the TRIAXYS Wave Buoy. This option extends the operational capabilities of TRIAXYS while lowering overall capital expenditures. This feature will be extremely useful to consulting engineering or leasing equipment companies, who can use one TRIAXYS buoy in a broad range of applications.

With the dual primary telemetry option, the end user can operate the TRIAXYS buoy in VHF mode for a near shore application; then as needs change, cellular or satellite telemetry can be configured as primary by the end user over the air through a software change. No sending the buoy back to the factory or expensive hardware swap-outs in the field!

This change comes about from the introduction of the TRIAXYS Next Wave sensor. TRIAXYS Next Wave uses the flexible WatchMan500 controller as its onboard computer. The WatchMan500 is used as the default controller on all AXYS met ocean and land based weather stations.


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