Metocean Monitoring

Metocean monitoring is an important field of study for many applications including, weather forecasting, climate studies, operations & safety, resource assessment, maritime safety and marine domain awareness, among others.

NOMAD Met Ocean Buoy

Typical ocean and coastal monitoring buoys gather data on wind speed and direction, waves, currents, atmospheric pressure, air temperature, water temperature, and relative humidity to  measure a variety of meteorological, oceanographic and water quality parameters. Data is acquired, processed, logged and transmitted via radio, cellular, or satellite telemetry to the end user. Many buoys provide the dual function of automated weather station and navigational aid. Deployments can be in various locations, from calm, shallow waterways to 5,000m depths in open ocean. Buoys are typically powered by solar panels and rechargeable batteries, which enable them to remain deployed for long periods of time.

AXYS offers a variety of metocean buoy systems to meet specific monitoring requirements and environmental conditions. Custom mooring design, telemetry communications, and data hosting services are available, as well as commissioning and deployment from our experienced services team.