Maritime Domain Awareness

Maritime domain awareness means having timely information about everything on, under, related to, adjacent to, or bordering a sea, ocean or other navigable waterway that could impact security, safety, the economy or the environment. This includes all related activities, infrastructure, people, cargo, vessels, or other means of transport. For marine security, it means being aware of anything in the marine domain that could threaten a country’s national security. And with over 90% of the world’s trade transported by sea, it is more critical than ever to operate secure maritime operations. 

Maritime domain awareness improves marine security by:

  • Quickly identifying actual or potential events
  • Making informed decisions
  • Taking effective action
  • Sharing knowledge with appropriate partners

AXYS offers a networked data solution to manage the specific monitoring requirements of a port security system for maritime domain awareness. Utilizing the WatchMan500 network solution and AXYS’ Data Management System (DMS) software, a complete operational picture of the maritime domain can be provided to the ports’ operational centre for the purposes of command and control. AXYS offers secure data hosting services to clients and can provide the information needed to the ports’ operational centre for real time decisions related to the maritime domain.