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The AXYS Services Team works with each client to prepare and provide a custom and comprehensive training package that meets their individual needs. AXYS also has the flexibility to quickly respond to immediate needs in critical situations, either by providing technical support remotely, or by scheduling a last-minute service trip to resolve urgent issues.

Training AXYS  handles client training that covers all aspects of system assembly, function, installation, preventative and corrective maintenance, repair, testing, calibration, transmission protocols, data storage, data analysis, data presentation, and real-time data distribution.

Training can be done at our facility prior to shipment of the product, at the system destination, or remotely via online presentation software. Our highly-skilled technicians have trained new clients in the operation and the maintenance of products both during commissioning/deployment and as stand-alone training sessions. AXYS has more than 25 years of hands-on experience installing and servicing all AXYS products, often in extreme weather conditions.


Training curriculums can include:

  • Pictorial & textural procedures
  • Video “how-to” manuals
  • Factory training
  • Technical field training
  • Instrumentation training
  • Hands-on experience