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AXYS can coordinate the logistics required to service or repair systems, and can also provide annual service contracts to help mitigate any downtime due to system wear over time. Depending on the nature of the work, service can be performed in the field or at our manufacturing facility.

Repairs and RMARepairs

A service and production laboratory is located at AXYS’ head office in Sidney, B.C. Canada. These facilities are capable of repairing all of our manufactured instrumentation. Modifications or repairs to any of the aluminum buoys are easily accommodated at nearby fabricators. Should your AXYS equipment require repair or assessment, please contact our Customer Service Department for assistance with the return of equipment (RMA).


Over the lifetime of a buoy or met system, components and sensors will need to be replaced. AXYS can provide spares on request and/or advice on spares to keep in stock to minimize the risk of downtime.



As part of continuous improvements and updates to our technology, the following products have been discontinued:

  • WatchMan100
  • TRIAXYS Classic Sensor
  • TRIAXYS Next Wave Sensors



  • Customers who require a new wave measurement sensor can purchase the TRIAXYS g3 sensor (includes the WatchMan500 controller). TRIAXYS g3 produces dedicated wave statistics for up to three configurable frequency spectrums in real time, compresses data for optimized messages, and consumes 70% less power than the TRIAXYS Next Wave sensor, while maintaining the same accuracy and resolution specifications.
  • The data sheet is available here: TRIAXYS g3 Sensor


WatchMan100 Controller

  • The WatchMan100 controller is used in historic AXYS systems including wave & met buoys, Land Stations, Aviation Weather Stations (AWOS) and Automated Voluntary Observing Ships (AVOS) systems.
  • Customers who require a new controller can purchase the WatchMan500 Controller. Initially launched in 2005, it is an intelligent, configurable and expandable sensor I/O platform with two-way communications designed for extended use in remote and rugged environments.



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