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The AXYS Service Team employs senior field technicians that understand AXYS systems intimately and have over 60 years of combined oceanographic and operational experience. These technicians are capable of board level diagnostics/repair in the field, and individual electronic component level diagnostics/repair in the lab. AXYS can coordinate the logistics required to service or repair systems, and can also provide annual service contracts to help mitigate any downtime due to system wear over time. Depending on the nature of the work, service can be performed in the field or at our manufacturing facility.

Field ServiceRemote Technical Support

The Customer Service department can provide remote technical support for clients (phone, email and system remote access).  Depending on the telemetry used, an AXYS technician may have remote access to a system to diagnose, troubleshoot, and change configuration from our corporate office.  Where telemetry does not permit remote access, other options exist to access a deployed system with the help of customers. , (i.e. TCP connection to a customer DMS installation).


The AXYS facility is certified by the National Research Council of Canada to provide wave instrument calibration for government run/regulated programs.