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AXYS has been designing, building, deploying and recovering moorings on a wide variety of instrumentation and buoys in lakes, rivers, coastal and deep offshore oceanic waters for 35 years. AXYS holds an extensive library of proven mooring designs developed in-house and from other oceanographic institutes around the world.

Design, Testing & Modeling

Optimum design of a mooring is dependent on several factors, including functional requirements, water depth, currents, tides, waves, vessel traffic, fish bite, deployment logistics, anchor requirements, etc. Ensuring the buoy has sufficient buoyancy under maximum conditions is a critical component in the design.

All mooring designs are analyzed with numerical models and modeled with dynamic simulation software that confirms their operational performance. These mathematical techniques, sound engineering practices, and years of experience to select the best mooring materials, result in long-life, reliable moorings. Our designs have been proven in very aggressive environments across the world, and consideration is specifically given to durability of the mooring within a range of environmental challenges.

Mooring Wear & Maintenance

Moorings Moorings will wear differently depending on many factors including, waves and currents, fish bite, biofouling, and boat or fishing accidents. For optimum performance over time, AXYS can recommend a best practices maintenance plan in order to help increase the Mean Time Between Failure (MBTF) of your mooring. The AXYS Services team has participated in the annual service cruise for the Environment Canada Weather Buoy network on the west coast in 1985. Find out more about the mooring maintenance procedures conducted on these cruises in our webinar here.


 Mooring Types

  • Surface Moorings
  • Sub-Surface Moorings
  • Custom Moorings
  • TRIAXYS Wave Buoy Moorings