s FLiDAR WindSentinel

AXYS FLiDAR (Floating LiDAR) WindSentinel systems accurately measure wind speed and wind direction offshore at turbine hub-height and across the blade span for cost-effective wind resource assessments.

  • 20 commercial deployments for FLiDAR systems globally
  • 16 offshore met mast validations
  • Data-as-a-Service solution provides reliable and cost effective data collection
  • World’s only dual-LiDAR configuration signficantly reduces risk of data outage
  • Multiple redundant power supply systems, ensuring long-term operation in the event of failure of one system
  • Fail-over telemetry systems ensuring consistent access to the buoy systems and data
  • Supports both ZephIR and WINDCUBE LiDARs
  • 4-metre polyethylene hull or 6-metre aluminum NOMAD hull options


s TRIAXYS Mini Wave Buoy

The TRIAXYS™ Mini Directional Wave Buoy is a precision instrument incorporating advanced technologies that make it an easy to use, rugged, and economical buoy for accurate measurement of directional waves. This small (0.6m diameter) and lightweight (60kg) buoy is easily deployed by two people from virtually any size of vessel.

  • Provides continuous wave sampling, support for any telemetry, up to 10 Hz motion sampling and up to 32GB (>5 years) of data logging capacity.
  • Uses TRIAXYS™ Next Wave II sensor, comprised of three accelerometers, three rate gyros, a fluxgate compass, and the proprietary TRIAXYS™ Processor.
  • The WatchMan500™ payload integrates sensor systems and provides onboard data processing, data logging, telemetry, and diagnostic/set up routines.
  • Wave and sea surface temperature data are collected, processed and logged on the buoy and then transmitted via telemetry to a base station hosting AXYS Data Management System software.
  • Standard mooring configurations specially designed for wave buoys are available for water depths greater than 150m.
  • A variety of telemetry options are available, including UHF/VHF, Inmarsat IsatData Pro, Iridium and GPRS/HSPA.

s TRIAXYS with Currents Buoy

The TRIAXYS™ with Currents Buoy measures both directional waves and a 3D water column profile of ocean currents in real time. The buoy is based on the proven TRIAXYS™ Directional Wave buoy platform, but has been modified to allow the integration of a current profiler in a downward facing configuration. 

  • Uses custom Nortek Aquadopp & Teledyne RDI Workhorse ADCP’s and has a modular design allowing for ADCP swapping and easy replacement
  • The ADCP provides current speed & direction from user configurable sample periods in up to 128 layers of the water column
  • Provides continuous wave sampling, support for any telemetry, up to 10 Hz motion sampling and up to 32GB (>5 years) of data logging capacity.
  • The WatchMan500 processor integrates sensor systems and provides onboard data processing, data logging, telemetry, and diagnostic/set up routines.
  • Power is derived from 4 rechargeable batteries connected to solar panels
  • Standard mooring configurations specially designed for wave and current buoys are available for water depths up to 300m.
  • A variety of telemetry options are available, including UHF/VHF, Inmarsat IsatData Pro, Iridium and HSPA Cellular.
  • Can be configured with AIS Aid to Navigation to broadcast buoy position and weather information to local vessel traffic

s Custom Projects

Many of AXYS’ standard products are customized to meet the client’s specific monitoring requirements, however occasionally AXYS gets a request for an altogether new monitoring solution that requires an innovative custom design.

Custom NOMAD Instrumentation Buoy

Following a thorough analysis of the project’s monitoring requirements, AXYS will design a system that meets all the criteria. Rigorous project management and quality assurance methodology are followed according to an established process in order to ensure that the final system meets the client’s needs. The AXYS Services team is able to provide training on every system delivered, as well as commissioning and deployment assistance.

Examples of some custom monitoring solutions include:

Wave Energy Testing Instrumentation Buoy

To help Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center at Oregon State Univeristy reach their goal of an offshore mobile wave energy testing facility, AXYS partnered with them to design a new buoy – the Ocean Sentinel Instrumentation buoy. AXYS engineers worked with NNMREC staff to develop this custom buoy system that interfaces with numerous custom control and monitoring devices, as well as basic meteorological and oceanographic parameters. The system also provides real time communications that monitor all aspects of the system performance.

Sub-Surface Environmental Monitoring 

AXYS has provided sub-surface environmental monitoring systems for a variety of challenging marine environments. With an array of sensors, including temperature, dissolved oxygen, and water chemistry, data can be transmitted to a surface buoy for processing using an acoustic modem or an inductive mooring line. Two-way communication capabilities allow remote system management, including configuration and diagnostics of both the buoy and the mooring components. Sub-surface moorings are easily recovered using acoustic releases, which can be triggered at any time, allowing the instrumentation to float to the top and leaving the anchor on the seabed.

Other examples of custom projects: 

  • HydroLevel Buoy for NAVOCEANO – portable and flexible GPS buoy for water level measurement
  • Arctic Lake Monitoring System – year-round monitoring of arctic lakes using a buoy and sub-surface mooring.
  • Water Quality Buoy for Environment Canada – automated water quality data collection.
  • WatchMan500 for University of New Hampshire – detect, model and forecast changes in the ecosystem.


s Water Levels and Tides

Monitoring water levels, tides and their currents is an important field of study for many applications, including ship navigation and port operations, government defense, coastal zone engineering projects, ecological studies, and even commercial and recreational fishing.

HydroLevel Mini Buoy

Traditional tide and water level monitoring uses shore-based tide gauges. The limitations to this method include availability of the land when there are permitting, operational, safety, and security challenges. If onshore tide gauges are not available, a combination of techniques such as tidal constituents databases, tidal zoning and hydrodynamic modling produce estimates of chart datums and tide correctors. This modeling is based on best available information and due to this uncertainty of model input, the water level error can be 40-60% of the total depth solution.

AXYS has developed an electronics payload using  DGPS to accurately monitor water elevation in any body of water where a surface following buoy can be deployed. In addition to position measurement, a motion sensor on the buoy measures the pitch, roll and heading of the buoy in real time. This data, along with earth tide corrections are supplied to the buoy’s processor, which performs tilt corrections, averaging and filtering. It enables depth positions to be measured on the absolute three dimensions and eliminates the need to estimate water levels The AXYS HydroLevel™ technology is available on many buoy platforms, enabling the system to be used in differing environmental conditions.

s Services

The AXYS Services Department is focused on providing customers with world-class service that supports their unique needs. We take pride in listening to our customers and providing thorough field and technical support to ensure their systems are operating to their full capacity.

AXYS Services team

The AXYS Services Department consists of field technicians and project coordinators with over 60 years of combined experience that can support AXYS products and applications in any geographical location and in challenging environmental conditions. Whether it is commissioning a system, conducting a training session, assisting in deployment, consulting on mooring design, performing repairs, answering technical questions, or assisting with spares or replacement parts procurement, the AXYS Services Department is here to help. Customer success with our products is the focus of the AXYS Services Department.

Telemetry and data hosting, management, and reporting services are available as a hassle-free solution to collect, track, and understand environmental data. AXYS takes care of these services so that customers can focus on their environmental data.

AXYS systems are complex, integrated systems that are used in a variety of applications and environments. While they are very robust and specifically designed to survive difficult environmental conditions and a variety of hazards, they do require a level of investment to ensure proper use and successful operation over the years. To help keep this investment to a minimum and get the most out of your AXYS environmental monitoring system, we recommend some best practices. These include new user training, AXYS commissioning and deployment assistance, scheduled routine maintenance, and AXYS data hosting.

Contact the AXYS Services Department to learn more or get assistance with your system(s).

Phone: +1 (250) 655-5850 or +1 (778) 792-7878
Email: customerservice@axys.com

s Ports & Harbours

Accurate environmental data is a crucial part of port and harbour planning and operations. Access to timely and meaningful information can assist decision-makers faced with planning, operations, security, and safety.

WatchKeeper Port & Harbour

An ideal environmental monitoring solution for a Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS) includes moored buoys, fixed platforms and pier-based installations. Typical sensor configurations provide wind speed, wind direction, waves, current speed, current direction, and water level (tide), all managed by one data management system. AIS messages 8 & 21 are broadcast and met ocean data is transmitted in real time to port operation centers, ship operators, bridge crew, and pilots.

AXYS offers custom, self-contained and fully automated weather and water level systems that can be deployed in key locations to facilitate vessel traffic management operations.

s Offshore Wind Resource Assessment

The need for accurate offshore wind data is growing rapidly worldwide. Wind farm developers and financers understand that accurate wind data is critical to the overall success of the site, not only in assessing the potential power of the location, but also in the positioning of the wind turbines.

WindSentinel Floating LiDAR

The traditional approach for gathering wind data is to construct a meteorological mast equipped with anemometers. However, in the offshore environment this practice is both difficult and expensive to implement. Floating LiDAR technology is an innovative solution to these problems. The AXYS FLiDAR WindSentinel™ buoys use a LiDAR to measure wind at turbine hub-height to provide accurate and reliable data on wind speed, wind direction, and turbulence. Additional sensors can be integrated onto the buoy to achieve a full environmental assessment of the location.

s Metocean Monitoring

Metocean monitoring is an important field of study for many applications including, weather forecasting, climate studies, operations & safety, resource assessment, maritime safety and marine domain awareness, among others.

NOMAD Met Ocean Buoy

Typical ocean and coastal monitoring buoys gather data on wind speed and direction, waves, currents, atmospheric pressure, air temperature, water temperature, and relative humidity to  measure a variety of meteorological, oceanographic and water quality parameters. Data is acquired, processed, logged and transmitted via radio, cellular, or satellite telemetry to the end user. Many buoys provide the dual function of automated weather station and navigational aid. Deployments can be in various locations, from calm, shallow waterways to 5,000m depths in open ocean. Buoys are typically powered by solar panels and rechargeable batteries, which enable them to remain deployed for long periods of time.

AXYS offers a variety of metocean buoy systems to meet specific monitoring requirements and environmental conditions. Custom mooring design, telemetry communications, and data hosting services are available, as well as commissioning and deployment from our experienced services team.

s Fresh-water and Water Quality Monitoring

AXYS provides customized turnkey solutions for continuous water quality monitoring and fresh-water monitoring projects in large rivers, lakes, and reservoirs.

WQxSentinel Fresh Water Monitoring

Water Quality

Continuous water quality monitoring has traditionally been an expensive and complex process. However, with new advances in sensor technologies, such as optical dissolved oxygen sensors and anti-biofouling mechanisms, maintenance requirements are diminishing, thus making continuous monitoring much more attractive and beneficial. Applications for continuous water quality monitoring include environmental assessments for natural resource industries, source drinking water protection, NPDES permit compliance, storm water runoff and sewer overflow monitoring, industrial effluents compliance, stream and habitat studies, water quality research, and total daily maximum loads (TDMLs) monitoring.


Fresh-water Monitoring 

Met Ocean Monitoring

AXYS’ buoys are frequently deployed in large rivers, lakes and reservoirs to gather meteorological and oceanographic data, such as wind speed & direction, waves, currents, atmospheric pressure, air temperature, water temperature, and relative humidity. The acquired data can be used for many applications, including weather forecasting, climate studies, operations & safety, resource assessment, and maritime safety, among others.

Arctic Hydrology

There are many hydrological monitoring activities being planned and facilitated in the arctic, motivated by an international need for a better understanding of hydrology in the Polar Regions. Water quality studies are also being undertaken internationally for Arctic lakes and rivers to not only gather baseline data but monitor for natural or anthropogenic transformations to these Arctic aquatic ecosystems.

AXYS is participating in this frontier for Arctic aquatic research by designing and manufacturing remote and automated systems for monitoring hydrometric and water quality parameters in arctic environments. By performing continuous monitoring of these parameters year-round, researchers can use data with unparalleled temporal representation to better understand these dynamic aquatic ecosystems.