s Custom Projects

Many of AXYS’ standard products are customized to meet the client’s specific monitoring requirements, however occasionally AXYS gets a request for an altogether new monitoring solution that requires an innovative custom design.

Custom NOMAD Instrumentation Buoy

Following a thorough analysis of the project’s monitoring requirements, AXYS will design a system that meets all the criteria. Rigorous project management and quality assurance methodology are followed according to an established process in order to ensure that the final system meets the client’s needs. The AXYS Services team is able to provide training on every system delivered, as well as commissioning and deployment assistance.

Examples of some custom monitoring solutions include:

Wave Energy Testing Instrumentation Buoy

To help Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center at Oregon State Univeristy reach their goal of an offshore mobile wave energy testing facility, AXYS partnered with them to design a new buoy – the Ocean Sentinel Instrumentation buoy. AXYS engineers worked with NNMREC staff to develop this custom buoy system that interfaces with numerous custom control and monitoring devices, as well as basic meteorological and oceanographic parameters. The system also provides real time communications that monitor all aspects of the system performance.

Sub-Surface Environmental Monitoring 

AXYS has provided sub-surface environmental monitoring systems for a variety of challenging marine environments. With an array of sensors, including temperature, dissolved oxygen, and water chemistry, data can be transmitted to a surface buoy for processing using an acoustic modem or an inductive mooring line. Two-way communication capabilities allow remote system management, including configuration and diagnostics of both the buoy and the mooring components. Sub-surface moorings are easily recovered using acoustic releases, which can be triggered at any time, allowing the instrumentation to float to the top and leaving the anchor on the seabed.

Other examples of custom projects: 

  • HydroLevel Buoy for NAVOCEANO – portable and flexible GPS buoy for water level measurement
  • Arctic Lake Monitoring System – year-round monitoring of arctic lakes using a buoy and sub-surface mooring.
  • Water Quality Buoy for Environment Canada – automated water quality data collection.
  • WatchMan500 for University of New Hampshire – detect, model and forecast changes in the ecosystem.


s Services

The AXYS Services Department is focused on providing customers with world-class service that supports their unique needs. We take pride in listening to our customers and providing thorough field and technical support to ensure their systems are operating to their full capacity.

AXYS Services team

The AXYS Services Department consists of field technicians and project coordinators with over 60 years of combined experience that can support AXYS products and applications in any geographical location and in challenging environmental conditions. Whether it is commissioning a system, conducting a training session, assisting in deployment, consulting on mooring design, performing repairs, answering technical questions, or assisting with spares or replacement parts procurement, the AXYS Services Department is here to help. Customer success with our products is the focus of the AXYS Services Department.

Telemetry and data hosting, management, and reporting services are available as a hassle-free solution to collect, track, and understand environmental data. AXYS takes care of these services so that customers can focus on their environmental data.

AXYS systems are complex, integrated systems that are used in a variety of applications and environments. While they are very robust and specifically designed to survive difficult environmental conditions and a variety of hazards, they do require a level of investment to ensure proper use and successful operation over the years. To help keep this investment to a minimum and get the most out of your AXYS environmental monitoring system, we recommend some best practices. These include new user training, AXYS commissioning and deployment assistance, scheduled routine maintenance, and AXYS data hosting.

Contact the AXYS Services Department to learn more or get assistance with your system(s).

Phone: +1 (250) 655-5850 or +1 (778) 792-7878
Email: customerservice@axys.com