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TRIAXYS Directional Wave Buoy

The TRIAXYS™ Directional Wave Buoy is a precision instrument incorporating advanced technologies that make it an easy to use, reliable and rugged buoy for accurate measurement of directional waves.

  • The TRIAXYS™ sensor unit is comprised of three accelerometers, three rate gyros, a fluxgate compass, and the proprietary TRIAXYS™ Processor.
  • The TRIAXYS™ provides continuous wave sampling, support for any telemetry, up to 10 Hz motion sampling and up to 32GB (>5 years) of data logging capacity.
  • The TRIAXYS™ Sensor also uses the WatchMan500™ controller, which is the core technology used in other AXYS monitoring systems.
  • The TRIAXYS™ Directional Wave Buoy is solar powered.
  • The TRIAXYS™ is easy to handle during deployment and can be rolled off a ship deck without any concern for sensor damage due to spinning.
  • The TRIAXYS™ can also withstand extreme temperatures as its sensor is not subject to freezing.
  • The TRIAXYS wave buoy can be configured with AIS Aid to Navigation to broadcast buoy position and weather information to local vessel traffic
  • TRIAXYS™ buoys have been deployed in waters from 10 to 300 meters.
  • Standard mooring configurations specially designed for wave buoys are available for water depths up to 300m.