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Ship Sentinel

The AXYS Ship Sentinel™ is a self contained and fully automated weather station that can be installed on new vessels or retrofitted to existing ships.

  • Typical sensor configurations provide GPS position, 3 hourly ship speed made good, course made good, true wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, air temperature and wet bulb and sea surface temperature.
  • Ideally, two ultrasonic anemometers are mounted on existing masts (port and starboard).
  • Bridge crew can view the environmental information in real time on AXYS’ bridge display software.
  • Uses the WatchMan500™ controller to integrate sensor systems and provide onboard data processing, data logging, telemetry and diagnostic/set up routines.
  • A variety of telemetry options are available, including UHF/VHF, Inmarsat IsatData Pro, Iridium, GPRS/HSPA and CDMA/EVDO if the data also needs to be sent to a remote location.
  • Every second, the Watchman samples the wind sensor and Gyro (if available) or fluxgate compass. When these are combined, the result equals the true wind speed and direction.
  • Samples are collected over 10 minutes and the 600 samples are vector averaged. The 10 minute vector average is adjusted with the ship’s 10 minute speed and direction to produce the actual wind speed and direction over the water, with the vessel movement removed.



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