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The Voluntary Observing Ships’ program (VOS) is an international initiative by which ocean-going ships are recruited by National Meteorological services to record and transmit shipboard weather. AXYS and Environment Canada partnered to develop AVOS – an automated weather station that transmits VOS program reports.

  • Errors and standard reporting biases are eliminated through the use of touch screen technology, intuitive software, and automated quality control protocols.
  • AVOS Features Include:

» Automatic data collection

» Proven WatchMan500 processor

  • Integrated system features include:

» AVOS controller processor

» Wind measurement

» Water temperature

» Temperature and relative humidity

» Fluxgate compass

» Digital barometer

» GPS receiver

  • Optional system features include:

» Iridium or INMARSAT satellite telemetry

» Touchscreen user interface


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