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3 Metre Buoy

The AXYS 3 Metre buoy is a very capable and rugged metocean platform that can be configured with a wide range of sensors for monitoring meteorological, oceanographic and water quality parameters. The 3 Metre buoy’s long term operational life and its substantial reserve capacity make it an excellent offshore metocean platform.

  • Battery capacity of 800 amp hours with 330 watts of solar rechargeability provide enough power for optimal performance in the harshest of marine environments.
  • Custom configurable with a variety of sensors including, wind speed and direction, air temperature, barometric pressure, wave height, period and direction, currents, etc.
  • Uses the WatchMan500™ controller to integrate sensor systems and provide onboard data processing, data logging, telemetry and diagnostic/set up routines.
  • Expected service life in excess of 20 years.

A variety of telemetry options are available, including UHF/VHF, Inmarsat IsatData Pro, Iridium, GPRS/HSPA and CDMA/EVDO.