Northport DUKC System Relies on TRIAXYS™ Wave Data

April 3, 2012

Sidney, B.C.


The purpose of a Dynamic Under Keel Clearance (DUKC) system is to provide aid in the safe transit of vessels approaching vessel berths. Northport operates its DUKC system integrating real-time measurements of tide height and waves with modeled vessel motions to determine if a proposed transit for a particular vessel meets pre-determined under keel clearance safety criteria. The system uses specifically formulated algorithms to analyze a range of inputs in order to provide a report on the status of the proposed transit.


One of these data inputs is sea and swell data as measured by Northports’ two TRIAXYS Directional Wave Buoys. The buoys are located adjacent to a shoal patch at the Harbour entrance and output a spectral analysis of wave data, from which swell, wave direction, period and height are input to the DUKC calculations. The two buoys operate simultaneously providing Northport with redundant wave data for the DUKC system and accuracy checks.

The TRIAXYS buoys were provided to Northport by Ocean Data Systems Ltd. (ODS), AXYS’ exclusive representative in New Zealand. ODS is responsible for the service and maintenance of the buoys, including moorings.

Northport is the northern-most multi-purpose port in New Zealand and the closest port to the majority of New Zealand’s international markets. It operates a three berth facility at Marsden Point with a total wharf length of 570 metres on 58 hectares of land. Its primary operation is the export of forest products although the flexible facility caters to large multi-purpose vessels as well. For more details please visit

ODS is a supplier of oceanographic and hydrographic equipment to the New Zealand market, with more than 20 years of experience serving many markets including Defense, Oil & Gas, Research, and Ports. Please visit for more information.


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