Marine Services

As the world leading provider of Offshore Wind Resource Assessment, AXYS Technologies owns and operates a buoy network that spans from North America, through Europe and into Asia. To meet the needs of these operating theaters, we rely on our own highly trained staff, supplemented with quality services from trusted partners. We are always expanding our existing supplier network with additional qualified suppliers from local contractors to support our FliDAR Wind Measurement campaigns. These are multi-year campaigns off the coasts of countries around the world, serving major renewables developers as they assess sites for potential offshore wind farm potential.

To support our FLiDAR campaign, we are seeking a variety of services:

1. Vessel providers to support our floating LiDAR operations, primarily deployment and recovery of the FLiDAR WindSentinel and its mooring, or the transport of personnel for transfer at sea

2. Equipment for managing the FLiDAR WindSentinel, including but not limited to, cranes, stairs,  forklifts to be rented at a port convenient to the project location

3. Port-side services to aid with commission, decommissioning and repairs (e.g. welding)

4. Operation coordination to aid with local project coordination of vessels, port space, equipment and personnel

5. Mooring support in the form of mooring design review, component sourcing and certification

6. Field Technicians that could be trained to support onshore commissioning, decommissioning, maintenance and repair port-side

7. Offshore Personnel experienced with offshore deployment and recovery, and/or maintenance at sea

8. Logistics and storage to support the transportation of the FLiDAR WindSentinel and coordinate for receipt and pick-up of goods, deliver parts to site, and provide a storage space for spare parts inventory and tools for the duration of the project

9. Emergency response to support the need for quick recovery or supporting our spill response plan


If you are interested in being considered as a potential resource, please complete the form below and attach a document that outlines:

1. Company Description – include name of business, primary contact information, legal structure, number of employees, years in business

2. Disadvantaged Business Category—please identify if any disadvantaged business category applies (woman/minority/veteran owned) and whether the company is registered

3. Local Presence – please identify those areas where you have a local presence (physical address, legal entity) and those geographies where you can do work

4. Identify which categories you are responding to provide services; one or more of:

  • Vessels
  • Equipment
  • Port side Services
  • Mooring
  • Operation Coordination
  • Field Technicians/Engineers
  • Offshore Personnel
  • Logistics and/or storage
  • Emergency Services

6. Summarize years of experience with the type of services you want to offer, provide project examples, or other evidence of proven capacity to deliver the services

7. Provide supporting brochures/specification sheets, sample reports or other relevant materials as evidence of the services offered

8. Provide evidence of certifications, registry, IMCA audits, etc. as appropriate for the service offered (where applicable)

For companies we decide to evaluate further, we will provide you more complete requirements and set up a more thorough review. Thank you for your interest in our company an our projects.