Lucky 13 for TRIAXYS Buoy Network in Spain

November 27, 2009

AXYS Technologies Inc. (AXYS) of Sidney, B.C. Canada is pleased to announce that the TRIAXYS Directional Wave Buoy network in Spain is about to expand to 13 operational stations.

Spain’s Port Authority (Puertos del Estado) has awarded AXYS and its Spanish agent SIDMAR with a contract for the supply and deployment of six new TRIAXYS Directional wave buoys. Four of these new buoys will be immediately deployed into the existing network of nine buoys. Two of these new buoys will service as spares. Data from the TRIAXYS buoys aids mariners in making timely and accurate decisions in or around Spanish ports and waters. Live data from the buoys can be seen at the following location:

The service contract for maintaining this world-class coastal wave monitoring network is managed by SIDMAR.

TRIAXYS Buoys for Spain web

Terms of the contract award have not been released.

Puertos del Estado is mandated to provide localized, mission-critical sea-state information. For more details on PdE, please see:

SIDMAR are experts in the marine and operational oceanography sector within Spain. For further company details please see:


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