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Real-time Data Links

TRIAXYS BuoyWest Coast Wave InitiativeSee real-time wave data from a TRIAXYS buoy deployed off Canada's west coast.
WatchMate BuoyWest Coast Wave InitiativeSee real-time wave data from a WatchMate buoy deployed off Canada's west coast.
TRIAXYS Directional Wave BuoyNOAA's National Data Buoy CenterReal-time ocean data from the Delaware Coastal Management Program
TRIAXYS Wave SensorUniversity of Maine & University of Puerto RicoCoastal observing systems for CarICOOS (Caribbean Regional Association for Integrated Coastal Ocean Observing)
TRIAXYS Wave SensorUConn Department of Marine SciencesHourly wave data for UConn
TRIAXYS Directional Wave Buoy & 3 Metre BuoySmartAtlantic, Marine Institute of Memorial University of NewfoundlandReal-time weather & water data off the coast of Newfoundland
NOMAD Buoys & 3 Metre BuoysFisheries and Oceans CanadaReal-time weather data from metocean buoys
WatchKeeper BuoysDragados del CaribeReal-time weather data from a WatchKeeper buoy deployed near Puerto de Rio Haina in the Dominican Republic
WatchKeeper BuoysNational Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)Real-time weather & water information for the Chesapeake Bay Interpretive Buoy System (CBIBS)
WatchKeeper BuoysFederal University of Rio Grande (FURG)Check out real-time metocean data from two buoys deployed off the coast of Rio de Janeiro
WatchKeeper BuoyUC Davis Bodega Marine LaboratoryReal-time weather & water data from the Bodega Ocean Observing Node (BOON)
Water Quality BuoyEnvironment CanadaReal-time water quality readings from the Fraser River
Port SentinelVictoria Harbour AuthorityWeather information updated every 10 minutes