Flooding in Pacific Northwest Brings Attention to Real-time Monitoring

January 15, 2007

Recent extreme weather conditions in the Pacific Northwest have brought attention to the role that real-time hydrometric and fresh water quality monitoring networks play in disaster aversion. Over the past two months the region has experienced a series of storms, causing drastic flooding evacuating hundreds of people. The flooding also forced the Greater Vancouver region to issue a 12-day boil water advisory.

To serve this need, AXYS Technologies Inc. has developed the HydroSentinel™ that collects and distributes real-time data on water levels and water quality in rivers, lakes and reservoirs. “The HydroSentinel™ can be integrated with flood and water quality warning systems to alert communities of dangers that these extreme events have the potential to cause,” commented Hydrology Systems Associate, Stephen Albinati.

The HydroSentinel™ is based on proven technology developed by AXYS Technologies. A robust system designed for remote installations and extreme environmental conditions, the HydroSentinel™ supports virtually any type of water level, flow, or quality sensor.  Satellite, radio or cellular communications allow users to control and monitor an entire network from the comfort of their office. The HydroSentinel™ is suitable for use in flood warning systems, operational water quality monitoring networks, or industrial water applications.

***The HydroSentinel™ will be on display at the 87th Meeting of the American Meteorological Society, in San Antonio TX, January 14-18, 2007. Please visit AXYS Technologies Inc. at booth 667.


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