Canada’s New Brunswick Salmon Growers selects AXYS’ WatchKeeper Buoy

September 14, 2009

Canada’s New Brunswick Salmon Growers Association (NBSGA), in partnership with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), have selected the AXYS WatchKeeper™ Buoy to monitor offshore waves and currents in the Bay of Fundy.

The need to monitor these parameters in the Bay of Fundy developed as a result of the NB aquaculture industry’s desire to build floating structures suited to high energy environments. The buoy will provide baseline data in the offshore to compliment the monitoring of wave heights and currents in neighbouring inshore areas. These environmental conditions will be tied in to force measurements gathered at existing farms in exposed and sheltered locations. Modeling the relationship between force measurements and the inshore waves and currents that generated them will result in the capability to predict forces at the more extreme location represented by the buoy.

The AXYS buoy could also be used as a part of the GOMOOS chain and would aid mariners, recreational boaters, and researchers in government and university institutions, aquaculture operations and private industry.

The 1.7 metre WatchKeeper™ buoy will be outfitted with a TRIAXYS™ Directional Wave sensor and a Nortek 600KHz Aquadopp current profiler.  Data from the buoy will be sent via VHF radio to a shore station receiver each hour.  NBSGA and DFO researchers can then review and act on the data as needed.  The buoy uses the AXYS WatchMan500™ Data Acquisition System.  This system will allow researchers remote command and control over the buoy, as well as to expand system monitoring capabilities in the future as needed.

The New Brunswick Salmon Growers Association (NBSGA) is an industry-funded association working on behalf of the salmon farming industry in New Brunswick.  For more details please see:

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