AXYS WindSentinel Trial a Success

December 15, 2009

Sidney, BC. – AXYS Technologies Inc. (AXYS) announced today the successful completion of the WindSentinel buoy field trials, in the coastal waters of Southern British Columbia.

The trials, which were completed with support from both Environment Canada and Pearson College, were highly successful and added credibility to claims by AXYS and those close to the WindSentinel project that this new buoy design would be a “game changing” offshore wind resource assessment tool.

“The buoy worked flawlessly during the trial, with wind speeds that reached more than 80 Km/hr and wave heights over 4 meters,” said Reo Phillips, Manger of AXYS product development. “We are currently analyzing the data in detail and expect a preliminary report ready for distribution early in the New Year.”

The trial was undertaken to look at to what degree buoy motion interfered with or influenced readings of wind speed taken from a laser wind sensor mounted on the buoy’s deck. In order to establish this, readings from the buoy-mounted laser wind sensor were compared with readings taken from a land-based stationary laser wind sensor 750 meters away on Race Rocks Island.

Environment Canada provided ongoing assistance and access to valuable insight and resources on the buoy side, while Pearson College, who manages the Race Rocks Ecological Reserve, provided ongoing access to the site as well as power and internet connectivity to the laser wind sensor land-station based there.

“The support of both Environment Canada and Pearson College for this trial has been invaluable” said Harry Weiler, President and CEO of AXYS. “Their involvement made this crucial trial possible for us and for that we owe them a great debt of gratitude.”

As a result of this successful trial, AXYS is now in a position to ramp up efforts to commercialize this new technology internationally.

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