AXYS weather buoys roll off the production line and into the sea

July 29, 2010

Sidney, BC Canada

AXYS Technologies, Inc. (AXYS) is pleased to report strong buoy deliveries over the last quarter.

The Marine Institute at Memorial University in Newfoundland has recently deployed two new monitoring platforms into their SmartBay monitoring network. A 3 Metre aluminum discus buoy and a 1.75 Metre WatchKeeper™ buoy recently dropped anchor into 2 locations on Placentia Bay (Come by Chance Point and the Pilot Boarding Station). Both buoys are outfitted with meteorological and oceanographic sensors, including wind speed and direction, air temperature, barometric pressure, currents and TRIAXYS™ waves that provide both researchers and Placentia Bay users with timely weather data for improved decision making. Data transfer is by radio and Automatic Identification System (AIS). Live data from these new platforms can be seen at

Chesapeake_Bay_WatchKeeper_BuoyNOAA’s Chesapeake Bay Interpretive Buoy System (CBIBS) network recently deployed their ninth WatchKeeper™ buoy. This monitoring platform includes wind, air temperature, barometric pressure, a current profiler and a TRIAXYS™ Directional wave sensor. It also includes a stand-alone subsurface Wetlabs Water Quality Monitor (WQM) sensor that transmits data via a Wireless Fibre (WFS) modem to the buoy. The WatchMan500™ controller then collects all data inputs and sends it to the CBIBS website using a Verizon CDMA cellular network. AXYS is already underway with the build up of the tenth buoy for NOAA, which is expected to be delivered in October 2010. Check out live data from the new Gooses Reef WatchKeeper™ buoy as well as other NOAA CBIBS buoys at



The Brazilian Navy is about to receive three shiny new 3 Metre discus buoys. These buoys are outfitted with various meteorological sensors, a TRIAXYS™ Directional wave sensor, a current profiler as well as a series of subsurface temperature sensors installed on a thermistor line. Once data is collected onboard the WatchMan500™ controller, it is then processed and sent to Navy project personnel via Inmarsat C satellite telemetry. An AIS transponder also sends out a positional message every 10 minutes letting transiting vessels know its location. As part of this million dollar contact, AXYS was asked to upgrade an existing AXYS 3 Metre buoy which is already in Brazil to bring it up to the same configuration as the new platforms being delivered.  Four AXYS Field Service personnel will head to Rio de Janiero in October to commission the buoy together with the Brazilian Navy and Brazilian agent Okeanus.


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