AXYS Wave and Current buoys to Faciliate Offshore Pipeline Constuction Projects in New Zealand

January 12, 2007

AXYS Technologies Inc. (AXYS) has won a competitive contract from a major New Zealand engineering, construction and services company.  AXYS will supply two TRIAXYS™ with Currents directional wave monitoring buoys to separate pipeline projects on New Zealand’s South Island.

TRIAXYS™ with Currents is a rugged, lightweight data collection buoy.  The 0.9m diameter solar-powered instrument collects, processes, stores and transmits wave & current information to a shore base station in virtually real time.  The buoys feature integrated Nortek Aquadopp Acoustic Doppler Profilers (ADP) that obtain detailed current profiles through the water column.

The buoys will provide crucial data inputs to pipeline design and placement, while enhancing the safety of pipeline workers and protecting the local aquatic environment.  Company engineers, pipeline construction managers, work crews, regulatory authorities and ship masters will be able to access buoy data via AXYS’ proprietary WaveView™ software.

AXYS is represented exclusively in New Zealand by Ocean Data Systems Ltd. who will deploy and service the buoys.  Terms of the sale are confidential and have not been provided.

The buoys were recently air freighted to New Zealand and will be operational by February 2007.


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