AXYS Technologies,Inc. (AXYS) announces deployment of the WatchMate™

July 30, 2008

AXYS Technologies Inc. has successfully deployed the WatchMate™, the most recent addition to its buoy product line up. The buoy was deployed by AXYS personnel in 21 metres water depth at 10:06 AM PDT on July 30, 2008 in Haro Strait, 5 kilometers off the coast of Vancouver Island. The buoy will be on station until at least spring 2009. Data from the new WatchMate™ buoy can be viewed online at:

username: watchmate
password: watchmate

The 1.4 metre diameter buoy is outfitted with a standard meteorological package (winds, air temp, humidity and pressure), a TRIAXYS™ directional wave sensor and a sea surface temperature sensor. The buoy sends data back to AXYS headquarters every hour via CDMA cellular phone and uses Inmarsat D+ satellite service for Watchcircle alarm or secondary telemetry.


AXYS Technologies Inc. designs, manufactures, distributes and maintains remote environmental data acquisition, processing and telemetry systems.  For further information contact AXYS at: or