AXYS Technologies launches new website

March 3, 2014

Modern Layout. Responsive Design. Valuable Media.

See AXYS as you have never seen us before! Our new site was designed with you in mind.

AXYS is excited to unveil our new website, designed with a modern look, a new infographic, responsive to any mobile device, and updated with the most current information about our products and solutions. Our goal was to make it as easy as possible for anyone, anywhere to gather information about environmental monitoring in wild oceans, offshore wind farms, arctic lakes, and vessel traffic management systems, among many other areas of interest.

From Start to FinishAXYS InfoGraphic

A straightforward tool showing the full scope of environmental monitoring and data collection

The concept for the AXYS InfoGraphic was born during the strategy and brainstorming process for our new site. As we wrote down words, circled them and used arrows to explain the connections, it became clear that the entire process could be best represented using the skills of a local Vancouver artist and a few carefully chosen words. Thus began the AXYS InfoGraphic project. A few months later we had a pile of very cool hand-drawn images that were compiled with a targeted text to show ‘what we do’. This tool has been designed to make environmental monitoring at AXYS straightforward and easy to understand. We hope you will find it as easy on the eyes as it is to absorb. Take a look!


AXYS responsive website

Mobile & User Friendly for 2014!

Purposefully-designed access to AXYS everywhere you go

One of our main goals of the new website was to make it as easy as possible for people to use. And of course this meant designing it to work on everyone’s favourite device, whether that’s the iPhone 5, the BlackBerry Z30, or the Nexus 7. Learn all about AXYS anywhere you are with easy viewing, scrolling and reading.


AXYS buoy deploymentMedia: More than Content

Valuable media targeted to your interests

The AXYS website aims to provide the right information when and where you need it. Throughout the products, the solutions and the services sections you will find valuable media targeted to your interests that includes webinars, videos, case studies, data sheets, and technical papers. Check out the More Information segment and the pictures beneath the text on each page to see the relevant media for that solution, product or service.

We hope that you will find our new website informative and valuable!


About AXYS Technologies Inc.
AXYS Technologies, Inc. designs, manufactures, distributes and maintains remote environmental data acquisition, processing and telemetry systems. For further information contact AXYS at or visit

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