AXYS Technologies, Inc. (AXYS) wins additional contract for 30 Stations for Hurricane Mesonet

November 26, 2007

WeatherFlow Inc. of Scotts Valley, CA has awarded AXYS Technologies Inc. with an additional 30 weather stations for Hurricane Mesonet. WeatherFlow had earlier this year acquired 30 Coastal Weather Stations that were deployed around the South East Coast of the Gulf of Mexico. They stand  on a variety of public and private sites that would allow them to track future storms more accurately by  delivering high-resolution wind data in real-time, with substantial power and data back-up capability. The AXYS system modules will provide WeatherFlow’s system with open architecture, modular I/O and remote upgrade capability, providing reliable data collection and distribution system for sensor networks. The additional 30 Weather Stations will be part of a network of a total of 100 stations.

“WeatherFlow and AXYS Technologies Inc. teams have worked hard to make this partnership a long standing success  that will benefit  the local communities of the South East Coast of the Gulf of Mexico”, states Harry Weiler, CEO & President of  AXYS Technologies.  Station deployment will continue into 2008.

WeatherFlow maintains the only mesonet system. This self-sufficient, private observing system has grown by installing cost effective, quality sensors in areas valuable to the clients’ needs, funded by people who use the data and driven by market demand.   For further company details research .


AXYS Technologies Inc. designs, manufactures, distributes and maintains remote environmental data acquisition, processing and telemetry systems.  For further information contact AXYS at: or