AXYS Technologies Inc. (AXYS) provides new data hosting service for clients

July 14, 2009

AXYS Technologies, Inc. (AXYS) announces today that it is now providing data hosting services for clients. AXYS President, Harry Weiler, explains “AXYS’ new hosting capability enables clients to view their data from a webpage without the need to own and operate their own PC and data management system.” Users of Kirby Lake Municipal Airport can now view local weather data and real-time camera imagery from anywhere with an internet connection in order to make ground weather observations and to assist pilot flight planning. In addition, pilots are able to hear the aviation METAR messages via VHF radio broadcasts and by dialing into the airport station directly to ensure they are in possession of current, accurate weather data required for aviation safety.

The AXYS WxSentinel™ Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS), installed at Kirby Lake in Northern Alberta, uses the AXYS WatchMan500™ data acquisition system to acquire real time weather information from meteorological sensors. This information is transmitted via cellular radio to the AXYS Data Management System where it is added to the database and displayed using a web version of AXYS’ WxView™ presentation software.

This is a valuable service since many remote airports do not have airport workers on site to run the required software. AXYS monitors and services the system remotely, and a messaging system alerts AXYS staff if the AWOS has not transmitted for a certain period of time.

AXYS’ data hosting service provides clients with accurate data accessible from any location.


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