AXYS Technologies Inc. (AXYS) provides five data buoys to Environnement Illimite inc. for Manitoba Hydro Winter Project

April 3, 2009

R0010323AXYS was awarded a contract from Environnement Illimité inc. (E.I.) for the supply of five WatchMate™ data collection buoys. The WatchMate™ buoys are configured with a suite of sensors including:

– GPS (Garmin and NAVCOM)

– relative water level

– multi-parameter probes (conductivity, temperature and turbidity)

– current speed and direction

All of the instrumentation is integrated using AXYS’ WatchMan500™ controller and data acquisition, processing and transmission platform. Each of the buoys are equipped with Iridium telemetry for transfer of hourly data and tracking, since the data collecting platforms will be able to move with the ice cover in the highly dynamic environment of the Nelson River estuary, the second largest tributary to the Hudson Bay/James Bay region.

The WatchMate™ buoys equipped with AXYS HydroLevel™ capability will provide time series of water elevation data to study the tidal variation from the ice cover in this macro-tidal environment with extensive tidal flats, in which the installation of onshore tide gauges or bottom-mounted instrumentation is not feasible.

The AXYS drifters will provide time series of conductivity, temperature, and turbidity just below and at a depth of 2m below the ice cover to describe the change in physical properties of the Nelson River Plume over a transect of 150 km. The measurements will serve to determine the thickness of the river plume and how far it extends below the ice cover. Results will help understand the processes controlling the distribution and properties of the water masses and provide calibration data for a physical numerical model of the estuary as part of the Environmental Impact Study (EIS) for Manitoba Hydro’s Conawapa Hydro Project.

The project is led by Stéphane Lorrain, the director of the Technical Surveys and Engineering Support Division at EI, with an overall field team of 11 people. As the Prime Contractor for this project, EI is
responsible for the entire study, including the science, overseeing logistical support, and leading the collaborative effort (University of Manitoba, GeoSensors, Manitoba Hydro). Terms of the contract are confidential.

Located in Montréal Québec, Environnement Illimité specializes in an extensive variety of environmental consulting in North America, Africa and Australia, focusing in aquatic surveys.

Manitoba Hydro, headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is a Crown Corporation and the province’s major energy utility. Manitoba Hydro generates nearly all of its electricity from 14 hydroelectric generating stations, primarily on the Winnipeg, Saskatchewan and Nelson Rivers.


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