AXYS Launches European Wave Buoy Sales Campaign

October 13, 2015

October 13, 2015

AXYS Technologies Inc (AXYS) has announced that it will now sell its’ TRIAXYS Wave Buoy directly through its new European office in Belgium and sales office in France. The TRIAXYS Wave buoy uses new, third generation solid state sensor technology to accurately measure and transmit full spectrum directional wave data in near-real time.  This leading edge sensor technology has been proven to be accurate, reliable and less expensive to operate and maintain.  This has been validated through hundreds of deployments in over 50 countries worldwide over the past 15 years.

As part of this new European Sales Campaign, the TRIAXYS Wave Buoy has been priced so that it is now the most competitive commercial wave buoy in the market at 30% less than competing products. It also features updates that dramatically reduce power consumption to enable longer deployments, increase survivability, and expand data output options in response to market needs.

“AXYS is committed to continually improving our products to take advantage of new technology and to provide greater value to our customers” says Max Bottoni, AXYS Director of Product Services.  “New updates to the TRIAXYS Wave Buoy include a binary compression tool that significantly reduces data file transmission size resulting in satellite telemetry cost savings of over 75% and a new power system that extends deployment periods.”

“Our European office is committed to placing the TRIAXYS Wave Buoy in the hands of offshore operators and developers across a variety of markets, including renewable energy, oil and gas, ports & harbours, and dredging operations, throughout Europe,” says Graham Howe, AXYS Sales Director for Europe. “The new office location allows us to offer much shorter delivery times and quick, efficient service.”


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