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WatchMan500 Core Technology

WatchMan500™ is an intelligent, configurable, expandable, sensor I/O platform with two-way communications, designed to be deployed in any location, including remote and rugged environments for long term operations.

  • Provides desktop to sensor monitoring and control, including dynamic onboard control and data storage capabilities.
  • Interfaces with custom or commercial off-the-shelf sensors, equipment, software and telemetry.
  • Open architecture system from both a software and hardware point of view. The system accepts sensors from virtually any manufacturer, is easily configured using any terminal interface or the AXYS Data Management System (DMS) software.
  • Data packets can be tailored to user requirements and are easily imported into a database, allowing users to view important sensor information in virtual real time.
  • Expandable up to 128 modules within one system allowing for hundreds of potential sensors to be connected to one DIN rail based system in a single NEMA 4 enclosure using a single communications link and power source.
  • Supports analog, digital, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, CANBUS, SDI-12 and PUCK sensor interfaces.