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HydroLevel Buoys

The HydroLevel buoy accurately monitors water level elevation in any body of water. HydroLevel™ is a precision instrument incorporating the latest GDGPS and motion sensing technologies, making it the leading solution for an accurate, easy to use, rugged product for the measurement of water elevation.

  • Available in any buoy hull or as a payload. Typical deployments have included payload, Mini (0.6m), Standard (0.9m), and WatchMate buoy (1.8m).
  • The HydroLevel™ buoy uses leading GPS receivers to provide real time accurate three dimensional position by the Global Differential Global Positioning System (GDGPS).
  • When used during hydrographic surveys, the buoy will enable the depth & contours of the seabed to be corrected for the true water surface elevation changes, as measured on the absolute three dimensional WGS 84 earth centered, earth fixed (ECEF) reference frame using GPS real time kinematic (RTK), global satellite-based augmentation system (GSBAS) or post- processed (PPK) techniques
  • GDGPS measurements provide solid earth tide corrections and the HydroLevel™ buoy GPS receiver incorporates these real-time correctors at the position and time measured by the GPS receiver.
  • In addition to position measurement, a motion sensor on the buoy measures the pitch, roll and heading of the buoy in real-time.
  • Uses the WatchMan500™ controller, which integrates sensor systems and provides onboard data processing, data logging, telemetry and diagnostic/set up routines.
  • A variety of telemetry options are available, including UHF/VHF, Inmarsat IsatData Pro, Iridium, GPRS/HSPA and CDMA/EVDO.